Playing HEVC in Windows 10

Playing HEVC in Windows 10

I’ve always been the tech support person for my family and friends.  Given that most of my youth was spent with my head buried in a computer it’s no surprise I’m the person they call when there is a computer issue to resolve.

Today I ran across a new one that I hadn’t experienced before and was quite surprised by.  I’ll be upgrading my computers soon, but I’m still using my computers from 2013.  Yes, I know, it’s really time to upgrade my poor i7-4930 running Windows 8 is getting really old.  Given that I’m still running Windows 8 I’ve not had much experience with Windows 10.

Apparently, the latest computers with Windows 10 pre-installed are unable to play video files encoded in HEVC.  This came as a quite a surprise to me given that everyone is moving he HEVC due to the superior quality and compression of the files.

Some initial research found that you could pay $0.99 and get an HEVC codec to install from the Microsoft store.  That one seemed crazy to me considering the amount of money that you pay to Microsoft for the operating system.

The solution was pretty quick and allows you to play HEVC in any app.   First you can get the manufacturers HEVC codec for free by going to

I also highly recommend using the VLC Media Player for everything as it has the most / best options for viewing all sorts of files.  You can get that at

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