The Future of Gaming & Redemption

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The Future of Gaming & Redemption

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The Future of Casino gaming is definitely trending towards games with skill.  Europe has long supported this concept and it’s now becoming approved in the states.  The Gaming Labs team created some amazing math models with the NanoTech Advantage and Cube betting models.  Seeing those implemented in the Pinball Technology was really cool.

I’ve now seen the next step with a really cool implementation that the team has come up with and identified some really cool new technology and people acquisitions.  What’s really cool is seeing all of the elements combined, and the market expanded.  The newest design takes into consideration both the trends in casino and family entertainment centers and combines 8 player single machine, game with skill, and 4K Ultra HD.

I’m excited about my investment in these guys and can’t wait to see the transition from R&D to production.

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