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My ongoing DirecTV 4K Experience

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So wanting to stay in touch with the DirecTV 4K offering I contacted them in late January to have my DirecTV serivce upgraded to 4K.  They finally came yesterday.  I stayed home from work while the technician performed my upgrade.

The first interesting issue was that I was told I had to have my “genie” unit replaced.  That is my main DVR / Receiver which seems normal as it was installed 4 years ago.  The new unit was required to support 4K, however, the unit itself does not output 4K.  In order to display 4K on my main TV, he had to install (and I had to lease or purchase) a second TV controller, a “remote genie”  For this he had to install a signal splitter in my A/V closet and have both the genie and remote genie connected.

After installing the devices and completing the setup we had to wait for the unit download an update to install the 4K support.  We waited for an hour and the unit hadn’t updated and it stated that the TV doesn’t support 4K.  My technician, who by the way was really great and courteous, said that they had reports of this delay issue in upgrading the software.  After a few hours we gave up and he gave me his number and I told him I’d ping him when the update downloaded.

Even though I was confident that my wiring was good, he was concerned that since we were connected to port 1 of the Sony TV it might not support 4K input.  To demonstrate the wiring was okay, I hooked up my NP-1 on port 1 and my Roku Ultra on port 2, and both were outputting 4K to the TV.

He’s meant to come back today and has been able to force the firmware update to allow it to support 4K.  I’ll post an update once the next chapter takes place.

HDR Testers Needed

If you have a 4K TV that supports HDR and would be interested in testing HDR streams please contact me at


4K Trailers are coming

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Some of the new cool technology we are playing with allows us to take an old trailer and a new source movie in 4K and the program will recut the trailer using the original scene cuts and finding them in the new source material and automatically re-create the new trailer.  

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The Future of Gaming & Redemption

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The Future of Casino gaming is definitely trending towards games with skill.  Europe has long supported this concept and it’s now becoming approved in the states.  The Gaming Labs team created some amazing math models with the NanoTech Advantage and Cube betting models.  Seeing those implemented in the Pinball Technology was really cool.

I’ve now seen the next step with a really cool implementation that the team has come up with and identified some really cool new technology and people acquisitions.  What’s really cool is seeing all of the elements combined, and the market expanded.  The newest design takes into consideration both the trends in casino and family entertainment centers and combines 8 player single machine, game with skill, and 4K Ultra HD.

I’m excited about my investment in these guys and can’t wait to see the transition from R&D to production.