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Surround Sound Beta Testers Needed for Dolby & DTS

I’m looking for some UltraFlix users that have a surround sound setup connected to their 4K TV willing to test some videos with various embedded surround sound streams.  I’ll provide the movies at no charge for feedback on the sound delivery.  email if you would like to participate

Encoding Engine Version 18

Final testing this evening on a new update to the encoding engine, version 18.0 which includes updates for HLS/DASH fragmentation, multiple audio streams (2ch HyperAudio/Dolby/DTS), HDR10 color space.  Adding a bunch of quality enhancements researched over the past two years including much better 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p videos for mobile devices, AppleTV and Roku 3 boxes.

Also need to release for performance enhancements as it’s got over 1,400 movies in the queue to run through it once released.

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Updating Network for New Features

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Thanks to our new partners at SWIG we are implementing some of the Instant On technology into UltraFlix this evening which makes for much quicker loading of movies.  Due to some unforeseen caching issues, the updates are taking longer than we had hoped to propagate through the internet and clear out cached old DNS entries.

If your app isn’t loading, try exiting and reloading.  So far we’ve confirmed updates of 2.0.14E up and running on Vizio, LG, Roku, iOS (iPad and iPhone).  We are working to verify others.  If you see an issue, email and let them know what device you are on and the exact message you get, and if possible include a picture of the error so they can track down your specific issue.